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Worship Team

True worshippers who went through Worshippers School powerfully take on the ministries for worship and worship conferences as a team.

Media Team

Media Team records everything related to worship and ministries for media ministry by editing and producing video and all kinds of material. They are worshippers God is seeking in this generation serving for worship and ministry.

Intercession Pray Team

Team members meet daily  from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (except for Monday) to intercede for God’s will to be done for people and events locally and around the world.

Campus Evangelism Team

Campus Evangelism Team consists of both Korean college students and internatonal students and minister. They go out to college campuses(Korea Univ, Kyounghee Univ, HUFS, and KAIST) 4 times a week(Tue-Fri) sharing the Gospel with Korean and international students.

Interpretation Team

Interpretation Team provides quality interpretation service(both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation) for worship services and conferences that are done in mutilingually. It is a ministry team building up the nations with the word of God to worship God in one Holy Spirit.

Hospitality Team

Having the table fellowship Jesus had Hospitality Team prepares all table fellowships and meals for the community and serve different banquets and receptions that are done in both inside of the community and outside of the community.

Document Team

Document Team produces documents the messages God is giving to the community especially on Sunday. Furthermore, they make general introduction of ministry into a quality contents and visualize them.

Welcoming Team

Welcoming Team is the first ones who welcome the new comers to worship services, leading them to their seats, sharing God’s joy with people who have come before God.

the cafe HEIMz

Cafe Heimz is the basecamp for young Korean college students and international students, and ministers as a business space. There are seminars, conferences, bible studies, and many felloships are happening in this space of God’s safe shelter as the cafe serves the souls.

Open 10:00am to 7:00pm everyday

*Barista training is available.

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